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VPOS Technologies

Current Projects

Projects & Goals for 2012

  1. Watch me~ Project for the hearing impaired.                                                                        
    • VPOS Technologies is currently
      working on a new way to assist the hearing impaired understand and enjoy
      the wonders of television and movies. New communication technology that will
      greatly enhance the abilities to communicate and teach the American Sign
  1. FEMA~ Project “Locate Me” for the general public.
    Federal Emergency Management Agency

    Image via Wikipedia

    • Emergency contact system for the
      general public to help contact their loved ones in severely weathered areas where floods, hurricanes or tornado has hit. This will also help the Federal Emergency Management Association locate or contact loved ones that have been reported missing where communication systems have been greatly reduced.
  1. Employee Me” ~Project for helping the local (TWC).
    Texas Workforce Commission building

    Image via Wikipedia

    • (TWC)-Texas Workforce Commission VPOS Technologies will introduce a newly needed software program to the TWC for introducing employees directly to the businesses with direct management systems by providing better communicative tools that greatly reduces unnecessary trip travel for the unemployed.
  1. Smart Cop” ~New available tools for the local police.
    • New technology that will enhance police in evaluating emergency situations. Such as fires in schools or
      commercial building break-ins.
  1. VPOS Operating System” ~VPOS Technologies greatest achievement.
    • A revolutionary new encryption
      technique enhances the operating system so that it makes all files regardless of
      operating system, ”Virus proof, hacker proof and piracy proof” via the
      Mackeyenc Pro process (Incryption). New information will be released concerning this
      new technology on the new VPOS Technologies website soon to be hosted on

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