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“Watch Me” Project

VPOS Technologies is proud to announce, the “Watch Me” project for the hearing impaired. This new technology will show slightly transparent gesture hands in front of each character’s body as if to be speaking in American Sign Language as each person speaks. Another words as 5 people are talking on the screen, each person would have a set of hands gesturing as he or she carries on a conversation. This would allow the hearing impaired to not only see one person speaking and the second person responding; it would also allow them to see multiple conversations at once, by simply glancing back and forth between the hand gesturing of all the characters they would know what each person was saying in a discussion between all 5 people.

The technology will have 3 major components that will vary between scenes and are assignable when the TV show or movie is made.

ASL in family

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  • Variable transparent or opaque hands depending on the need on each scene.
  • Assignable location of the hands from above the head to the center of the body for the purposes of a character standing on the other side of a wooden fence.
  • And the character’s tone of voice will actually control how the gesturing will translate in sign language. So if a character is screaming while turned around on the screen and facing the opposite direction from the camera, the hands can be assigned to stay in front of the persons body regardless of which way the character is facing and stress the word, “Hello, or Help for example” by gesturing the word tone in sign language.

The second part of this technology will actually be an educational tool as well as a speaking tool. A normal person who doesn’t understand American Sign Language will be able to simply type the words that they want to say and the other person at the receiving end will see a pair of gesturing hands speaking in sign language. So if a teacher wanted to show a presentation to a class, instead of the teacher having to translate everything on the screen, the teacher can type in the words of the presentation and the gesturing hands would speak to the students while they watched the show.

Communication: Sign Language

And finally, everybody will be able to speak in American Sign Language visually during a live video feed such as a broadcast and can also work off of the closed caption text if necessary. This is in the beginning stages and with much needed help from the hearing impaired community leaders and help with grant funding; this project could actually be finished and ready for public’s release by the end of 2013. Inside look.


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