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VPOS Technologies is currently seeking 1.2 Million dollars for this project, and would like to move forward on
this project right away. We have seen many charities and donations asking for money, but the founder of VPOS Technologies, Bill Bales doesn’t see the hearing impaired as a charity. The hearing impaired needs to be heard in today’s society more than ever. It is estimated that less than 10% of the world’s population knows American Sign Language (ASL). When our parents get older and begin to lose their hearing, are they a charity? No, you learn to adjust your way of communicating as you are around them. This should also be true with the hearing impaired.

American Sign Language is not taught in most schools before children become adults. Yet most High Schools offer secondary languages in which sign language is often not the choice. Most students choose Spanish, French, German and many others before they choose a silent language. Bill believes that the general public is leaving the hearing impaired students behind in society, good paying jobs and social ability within the average population. From television shows, radio stations to movie theaters the hearing impaired is being left out. When was the last time you invited a hearing impaired person out to a movie?

VPOS Technologies would like to gain enough investors to change that, and put this project in motion before the end of 2011.

This project would really be beneficial for the education of the public, advances in ASL learning in schools, but most of all to the hearing impaired. How many of us like subtitles? Imagine that every movie you watched you had to read the whole movie
instead of watching what is going on all the time. Now imagine how it would make you feel watching a hearing impaired person get excited over Battlestar Galactica as they got engrossed into the show as most of us have. Or watch a music video of Medollic and sing along with the power of American Sign Language. Stars of Hollywood, imagine what it would be like to have the hearing impaired asking for your autograph at the next convention.

This project when completed with help fund a “New Foundation” for the hearing impaired. VPOS Technologies would like to make that happen as soon as possible. Let’s get the hearing impaired community into the movies theaters and behind TV’s where they can enjoy the “Wonders of Hollywood” also.

If anybody would like to help make this happen please contact

“All profits generated by this project will be going towards a new foundation for the hearing impaired.” ~William E Bales



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