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From 1995-2001 William Bales lived in the small town of Kitty Hawk,
on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. During this time he was a volunteer fireman and first responder for the Kitty Hawk, Fire
Department. And during this period of time he went through many hurricanes and floods and knows first hand what it is like for people to not be able to contact their loved ones during the aftermath. Electricity usually goes out, along with cables lines for information gets cut and the only thing you can really on is your cell phone or land phone.

Well VPOS Technologies would like to introduce to the public the, “Locate Me” project. VPOS Technologies is
taking on the task of building the first totally wireless cell phone relay
system that will allow users to call into the “Locate Me” system. Each
household will be given a voicemail inbox for which a family member can
retrieve their loved ones messages, from another location. This system would be

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totally wireless and relayed throughout the immediate area that has the system in place. For an example; if person (A) has just been in a flood and cannot get back into their home in Kitty Hawk, NC,
then that person would find any phone and dial into the system. Once in the system they would push the correct inbox number along with their password. Then person (A) records whatever they wish to say. At which point person (A’s) family living in New York is worried about person (A) and has no way of contacting them down in Kitty Hawk, because the telephone lines are down or no way to get thru to them via cell phone directly. The family then could call into this “Locate Me” system and remotely enter their password information into
person (A’s) inbox and retrieve the, “I’m ok.” message left on the system. They
could then turn around and leave another message for person (A) and the process
would continue. Once signed into this system, they would also have a menu
system that would allow them to send a small message to the “Locate Me” system
for the FEMA support staff. This is so that their names could be placed into a
“located status” system, so that they could then focus on trying to find other
survivors. This will not take the place of first hand verification by a
firefighter or rescue personnel, but would greatly enhance trying to find
survivors in a moments notice when resources are needed elsewhere.

This entire system will be totally built and ran by VPOS Technologies “Locate Me” FEMA Support Team and
with the right funding can be up and running by the end of 2012.

This entire system is wireless and will be a

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relay system throughout the entire region where the system is greatly needed. This is the fourth startup division that is in VPOS Technologies multi-division business plan.


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