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The “Stars of Hollywood Foundation” is going to be a foundation that will support the hearing impaired and the deaf. The new technology that will support this foundation is currently trying to get funded and is currently being developed by VPOS  Technologies in Irving,  Texas for the sole purpose of providing funding to this foundation.

This new technology will enhance life greatly for the hearing impaired. They will be able to walk into  the same movie theatre, watch the same TV show, or rent a CD rental that you and I watch with this technology. This will also provide the common public a new way to communicate with the hearing impaired and the deaf using (ASL)-American Sign Language on TV, Movie theatres, CD rentals as well as teaching and educating the public on ASL. All profits produced by this technology will be donated to this new foundation to help support new technologies for the hearing impaired. “Stars of Hollywood” is a theme that I (William E Bales) would like see happen. I ask that you please support this cause as a fan’s way to give back to your favorite “Stars of Hollywood” for being such a big part in our everyday lives. Your support of this cause will help build this foundation to support the deaf and the hearing impaired.

I am currently speaking directly to NAD concerning a beneficiary for this cause on Facebook. This foundation that I am trying to build will be dedicated to the “Stars of Hollywood.” This foundation will be supported by the new technology that I am also trying to get funded for the “Stars of Hollywood Watch Me” project. This is a new technology that will help the hearing impaired around the world. As the “Stars of Hollywood” inspires us by making us smile, laugh and cry, I would like to inspire them by dedicating this foundation to them. As it will support new technologies for the hearing impaired and allow them to gain a lot more of the hearing impaired fans. I would like all the fans to support their favorite Stars by pushing the like button of this cause at the top of the cause page, and adding it to their Facebook page. The share buttons below will help out a lot. Please use them.

The “Stars of Hollywood” is not obligated to donate to this cause. But it would be nice for all of them to add it to the Facebook page so it will help get the cause recognized about the hearing impaired. (All profits generated by this technology will be donated to this foundation to help support new technologies for the hearing impaired and the deaf.) This is my dream to give back to the “Stars of Hollywood.” ~William E Bales

(This was inspired by a special hearing impaired person who doesn’t wish to be named. Through word of mouth
that came to me, I graciously thank her for inspiring me to help make her dream come true also.) ~William E Bales

If you would like to know more about this foundation and the technology behind this cause on Facebook, you can contact William E Bales personally at .

"Stars of Hollywood Foundation"

"Stars of Hollywood Foundation"


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