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Why it was created

I’ve been working with computers for over 15+ years. And at the time I was an end-user and constantly found myself updating and reinstalling software due to harmful viruses and trojans. Just like everyone else downtime costs you time and money. Since Microsoft first come out and the invention of the home pc. I grew up using Microsoft’s products. I enjoyed the use of Microsoft products. As time went on, another virus had hit the internet and was seriously causing damage to systems around the globe. After this virus had destroyed all the work that I had done with a networking business I was developing. It prompted me to sit back and ask myself why won’t somebody build a virus proof operating system so that all programs running on that system couldn’t have harmful effects. I figured out that since no software company wanted to (join forces) and share information with other companies and solve this problem, I knew that I had to take a different approach in software security.

Many people will recognize this virus called, “The Melissa Virus” otherwise known as the “I love you” virus in the year 1999. I have and extreme knowledge of the building blocks of software and logical understanding of encryption techniques. So I decided to figure out a way to protect not only my documents, but that meant that I had to protect Microsoft’s documents (installed operating system files) at the same time. Well here was the problem. In order to protect someone elses files that they used or updated constantly due to upgrades and installs. That meant that Microsoft would have to know how to securely update my computer too. But this means that Microsoft would have to know everybody’s secret way of updating each individual persons computer. I knew that they would never do this, nor would anyone else in the software industry. So when Yahoo and Microsoft and a few other companies were having problems trying to keep up with their own operating systems and programs getting attacked by hackers and viruses, the thought of everyone else joining forces as one software company to solve this problem wasn’t going to happen.

So I had to figure out how I can protect my documents and everyone elses’ without changing or altering their own system files. After all it would be a copyright infringement and an EULA violation to do so. But if I could do it in such a way that could individually protect each company’s files that were installed on the computer, without causing a conflict with normal operating installations, then I would have solved one of the biggest problems that software companies and end-users face everyday. Everybody that I asked said it wasn’t possible because then you would have to know everyone’s elses secrets. So the problem was that the programming languages, that people were using everyday to created documents and systems files, were becoming and issue because everybody was integrating their commands with third-party system files. As one mechanic says to the other mechanic, “I’ll show you what’s under my hood, if you show me what’s under yours”. This approach of integration in written form of operating system approach was allowing hackers and virus writers to attack at will. Once the third-party programmer is able to physically read the source code, this would allow him/her to be able to write malicious code against both companies software, using the vary tools and code to gain access everything from websites to servers and networks.

On September 9th, 1999 I figured out how to do it. The complexities of how it works is absolutely the biggest secret in the history of binary achievement. This operating system goes to the very heart of, “one’s and zero’s”. Not only did I figure out how to protect everyone’s files, but something dawned on me at that same moment. By the way I had created the solution to solving the problem of protecting files, I had also discovered that I had a way to stop hackers from gaining entry into anything regardless of what language or tools they had.  Let me quote this for you, “Even if the hacker gains your ID and your password, they can still NOT get in.” Because the way this new operating system would be made it was virus proof and hackers proof. And only when I sat there and realized it did I also realize that it would stop literally ALL pirating of ANY digital language on the planet. I now know that what I have figured out is the biggest achievement in computer science history. I now know, what destiny lays before me.

” Hold on to your hats. Because as soon as this operating system gets funded and released, it will make Microsoft and Apple look like a piece of the pie. ” ~William E Bales


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