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VPOS Technologies

Founders Vision

VPOS Technologies future

The founder of VPOS Technology is bringing forth a multi-division business plan to help get VPOS Technologies backbone off the ground. The way that VPOS Technologies has been designed, all divisions will be self sustainable. Each division will be a big part in the overall normal functions of the umbrella company, but each division would have a separate entity.

By keeping each company (Division) separate, this would allow investors to invest in smaller portions of the umbrella company while the main portion of the company would continue to grow. VPOS Technologies plans on building seven divisions in which investors can choose from. Because the divisions would be self sustainable, the investors would be able to regain their profits with a quicker turnaround than with the umbrella company. The main portion is the software developing division which is technically VPOS Technologies Headquarters.

The rest of the divisions will be utilizing and providing services to many of the local residents while maintaining the upward momentum of building a major server field for VPOS Technologies’s backbone. Because much of the media has not been hired to advertise locally of the upcoming business venture. The media can be a welcoming factor to the community if they chose to publish anything about the venture. The business plan will be divided into seven parts which are listed below.

  1. VPOS Technologies~ Umbrella company and software developer with controlling interests in all divisions
  2. VPOS Security~ A division that will have subdivisions of the following;
    • Executive security and investigation services
    • National Fire & Burglar Alarm services
    • IT/IS Network software security services
  3. VPOS VIP (Virtual Internet Provider) services with subdivisions of the following
    • WiFi Internet services
    • CCTV services
  4. VPOS Broadcasting (Online Telecommunication Broadcasting) with subdivisions of the following
    • Music and Radio
    • VPOS TV
    • Emergency F.E.M.A. Communications Support Services
    • Local Authority Support Services
  5. VPOS AIM (Robotics and VPOS Technology Software)
  6. VPOS Sales & Services a local contracting division
  7. VPOS Educational & Technical  Support Service Center

These seven divisions were specifically targeted for the purposes of advancing these sectors with new technology while providing educational and technical support. It is the founder’s vision to improve and set the new security standards of which local authorities and specific networks are being targeted by malicious entities.

How many more times will the public cry out when they are faced with paying the costs of repairing their computers and servers due to the negligence of substandard software security systems. The public should never have to pay for security breaches that effect their personal lives such as Identity Theft and credit card fraud. This is why the founder of VPOS Technologies is trying to bring out the investment opportunities. The founder is prepared to stand up and be challenged by any major company in the world concerning this revolutionary technology.

” Let me make this clear. It is my intention to provide this new technology for the purposes of gaining back total control of the  security of today’s internet, networking systems, servers and computers for the sole purpose of helping mankind and advance the standards of technology learning curve. This new technology is needed for businesses around the world now. I only hope that someday, someone will help me make this a reality. “~William E Bales


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