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VPOS Technology

VPOS Technology

VPOS Technologies is proud to announce that by the end of 2015 VPOS Technology process will be copyrighted.
The submission of the copyright paperwork will be submitted by the founder William E Bales by the end of August, 2015.

And because this new technology process is totally new, it has been decided to inform all software companies and the public what and how this process will work without revealing
its secrets.

The purpose of this is to allow the companies to evaluate what is described on this page so that they
will be informed of what kind of system they will be looking at when VPOS is

VPOS Technology underlying position diagram

VPOS Technology was founded by William E Bales

As you can see above, the VPOS Technology will underlie between the machine code and the normal operating
system being installed. The process of installing VPOS can be done before or
after the normal operating system is installed. The VPOS operating system was
purposely designed to enforce the normal operating procedures of an operating
system in which it was designed for only. To put this in plain English, once an
operating system from a company has finished producing the installation disc
and has released it to the public, the operating system is in a static state
for installation. That is the state which the VPOS operating system will accept
as its final authority and will register this state with the VPOS Technology
database with a key.

hex dump (with hd ) of boot0 MBR loader of Fre...

Image via Wikipedia

Once this has been done, third party programming will NOT be accepted or executed for the purposes of altering code to write around security issues of this operating system. Now to answer the question on everybody’s minds of, “How can the companies update their operating systems and programs, yet nobody else can introduce code into the
operating system or programs on their own machine?”  By the way VPOS Technology is designed; the code that lies between the machine code and the operating system binary is a multiplex code that serves two purposes at the same time.

  1. The code provides the operating system the normal
    binary code for any operating system such as the assignment of 1’s and 0’s
    between the machine code and the operating system.
  2. By the way the code is designed while the normal
    binary is providing the code for lets say Windows to operate on, the code
    is also providing a static code of programmability that locks out other third
    party code from being introduced into the normal operating system command
    and execution structure.
  3. You can how ever introduce code onto your computer to
    operate or write code for the purposes of registering the program so that
    your program would be protected by hackers and viruses as well as anti
    piracy protection.

Now this is where everyone
should pay attention. When any code is written for an application, the code is
still providing the directions to the machine to work accordingly; but the code
that is written is “Incrypted” NOT “encrypted”, by “Mackeyenc Pro
Technology.” This means, that every computer in the world can type the words; “This
virus will only execute and run on my own machine” and the code that allows
these words to be typed will not be the same for any other computer in the
world. This means it is not executable on another machine. This also means that
you can’t hack your way into a network because even if you had the correct
screen name and password, you still can’t get in because of the VPOS Technology
code will not allow it.


The code that is typed in Windows is
the same for all computers, but the code that allows the static Windows system
to work the way it’s normally designed is different on each computer. This
means that virus.exe when written on one computer can only be executed on that
computer only because the code it is written in only exists for that computer.
So the normal operating system will work just like normal. But if a virus is
written and sent in an email and “purposely clicked on”, it cannot be executed
on another computer because the computer’s VPOS code is different on the other

(The transfer of data between two
or more machines is a secret and cannot be explained or revealed to the public;
But will be explained to the companies that partners with VPOS Technologies for

Graph of typical Operating System placement on...

Image via Wikipedia

the purposes of them knowing how Instant Messaging will work.)

And here is the last thing that can be said about the coding for VPOS Technology. It has the ability to serialize every single one and zero assigned in the binary. “Incrypts” it by way of “Mackeyenc Pro Technology” and takes all of the normal code and reduces the executable file in size by 88%. This means by the way that VPOS is designed to work ALL data on your hard drive will be reduced to executable normal functional files, and give you up to 88% more available space on your hard drive. All programs being executed in memory will be loaded in the “Incrypted” state, and executed and saved the same way. But the memory will still be running the same machine code and will expand in normal memory size until termination of the file. VPOS Technologies is currently studying the possibilities of how this is going to affect the processing power of all CPU chips. Currently it is believed that the processing file size will be reduced by 88%, but the execution of that file will still have the same memory usage as it would normally. Basically, it loads in a reduced state and extracts itself in memory while being executed. Then
when the file is terminated, it has been saved in the reduced state. By having
this technology, it will reduce “page file size”.

Stay tuned to the “Investors
Cookie Jar” for more information concerning this new technology breakthrough.
Don’t forget to read, “Why it was created” for a better understanding of the
background of how it came about and why.

  • The terms “Incrypt” and “Outcrypt” are new terms that
    are being introduced as new technology terms that belong to Mackeyenc Pro
    Technology. © William E Bales 2011 All rights reserved.

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