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“Employee Me” Project

VPOS Technologies is currently working on a new upgraded solution that will greatly enhance the employment application process. A newly designed system called, “Employ Me” will be an online application resource that will provide filtering application criteria for the employer’s benefits as well as the applicants. The new system will be integrated into many different government agencies for many different reasons.
The main concept is to provide an application process that can be filled out either online or in the local employment office. The applicant would have to be completely filled out the required criteria of the application, in order to qualify for any unemployment benefits. As each category is filled out within the application, the work history, dates, pay wages, length of employment and skills would all be entered into the system. When an employer signs into the
system, they would be able to ask for certain hiring criteria that would meet
their hiring factor. Once the employer sees the qualified individual’s
information, the employer can print it out the application specifically made
for that company including their logo. The company signing up for this service
will have their own application built into the system so when the applicants
information is provided, and they wish to hire the applicant, all they have to
do is print it out and have the applicant fill out the current address and
personal information and sign the bottom of the form.

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The secondary benefit of this system is that the applicant will be able to fill out all sections of the application, but click on a check box that would allow what information is to be viewable by the employer, which information would be printable, what information can be transmitted to other agencies such as staffing agencies, resume services and more.

However, once the main information has been completely filled out and verified by the local employment office, the viewable application information such as the address, social security number, driver license information and any (Identity Theft) usable information would be stricken from the application until the applicant is officially hired by the company.

Because each company wants to provide their own application online, the “Employ Me” system would be fully
integrated with their online employment application process. By providing this
system, it will help cut down on the unnecessary resources from being wasted on
multiple trips that the unemployed need in order to survive during the harsh
unemployment times. The following benefits are listed to show what is all
involved, and how it would help on both ends of the application process.

Applicant Benefits

  • Able to fill out all required information either online or at the unemployment office.
  • Print or submit your application to multiple companies at the same time.
  • Stop unnecessary redundancy of having to fill out an
    application for each individual company, when 95% of the requested
    information is the same. (Reusable information)
  • Provides a database of all your work history
    information so that you can print an application or resume with the
    information you’ve already provided.
  • After becoming unemployed, the information would be
    very handy in applying for benefits in a very timely manner with greater
    accuracy of stored usable information.

Employers Benefits

  • Employers will gain more informative information of an applicant.
  • Only hiring criteria applicants will be shown in your
    inbox. (Adjustable criteria options)
  • Customizable application with your company’s logo and
    additional field building tools.
  • Better quality of hiring information due to the TWC
    and unemployment office requiring applicable hiring information needed to
    submit the application.

There are many more options with this service that will be revealed when it’s introduced for review to the
state of Texas. If implemented, we fully expect to have it available for all 50 states by the end of 2012.


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