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“Inside look”

“The opaque signing hands will be produced by wearing gloves and having the signer read a script of text such as a book that would contain almost every word in the english language. This is to train the computer the new word by way of hand gesturing. Once the words are recorded much like you would with verbal commands with phones and computers, you have to teach the computer the flow of speaking these words by way of sentences and recorded via hand gesturing. Once all the recording is done. The computer will then be able to be assigned to hand gesture off of the closed captioning text that is broadcasted within the movie cd or via the cable company CC. But also, this will be a new technology that will be available to the makers of hollywood producers so that when actors and actresses who do voice-overs can speak the way the character is suppose to sound and by the way the actress is stressing the words, the hand gesturing would stress the hand gesturing as well, so that the hearing impaired could tell if the actress is yelling loudly or whispering softly. And in cases where the TV screen goes black to represent the characters turning the lights off to go to bed, the sounds and words would also stay on the screen until commercial. Once the commercial comes on, the hands would automatically go to the lower right side of the screen and continue with the commercial’s sound and text for each character until it went back to the TV show. This would not take the place of CC, but would be an option just like the Closed Caption tool and could be seen during the closed caption as well if need be. Closed caption will stay simply because there is a lot of places that people want to know what is going on, but without having to have the TV turned up so loud that they can’t work, such as a clinic or doctors office.
Teachers who want to produce presentations in schools would be able to type their outline into the presentation of Corel, Microsoft PowerPoint etc., and turn on the hand gesturing feature, and the presentation would then become just like the tv screen during the presentation. The teacher would not have to stand in front of the class to speak about the presentation as they click the forward button. The teacher could then be able to do others things like grading papers for example while the class watched the presentation. Because there are a few variations with sign languages, this would set the standard that everyone would pay attention too. And as new words or expressions are being formed the new words would be taught to the computer as the filming and audio voices are being recorded by the actors and actress’s. There will even be male and female hands as to go along with the voice that is speaking. This is to allow the bedtime scenes be more understandable when the lights are off. He said to her and she said to him. And finally, wouldn’t it be nice for the hearing impaired to be able to get on video cam from their computer and have a sign language interpreter speak to a person that could hear?  A deaf person could type or sign into the camera and the program would identify what is being said and turn it into words for the person at the other end. That is the second phase that will be coming out in this project.”

Jack Foley created the "CC in a TV" ...

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