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IT & IS Services


Information Technology & Internet Security Services will be the largest server field networking security service on the planet. Without a doubt, it will host all communications signals from servers around the world once the new VPOS Technology is in place. The only way to explain this reasoning is like this.

  • Company A (or person A) will sign onto the internet using VPOS Technology. (A) Has now been identified regardless of ID, IP or MAC address or location anywhere in the world. (A) Sends an email from Yahoo to (Person B) on Yahoo or Hotmail or anywhere else. Normally email goes thru the normal channels until it reaches its destination. Using VPOS Technology all emails, Instant Messenger signals, handshakes and transmissions, batch reports etc. will be funneled thru this server field which will act like a inline circuit fuse during the normal process between location (A) and location (B). This is to stop third party programming from trying to access information on the network and preventing them from being able to hack their way into another system. This service is to provide absolute security filtering links spots between different companies around the globe that is sending signals inside theUSfor any reason. This is NOT anti-virus scanning software and does not take up any extra CPU usage outside the normal memory. Meaning (Example: You have booted your computer up and you decide to scan your hard drive using an anti virus software package. You click onto the icon for it to load into memory. Then it uses DAT files to match and compare all your files on your hard drive to see if you have any security issues. This takes up memory, space on the hard drive, another software program installed on your computer, constant updating to stay ahead of viruses, Trojans and security threats. Using VPOS Technology there will no longer be a need for NONE of these. By the way the technology is designed; you are protected even before you turn on your computer. Regardless of operating system, programming languages or commands of any software, any signal going from Point (A) to Point (B) has been encrypted and decrypted in such a way, that it is not asymmetrical or nonsymmetrical and can’t be broken, copied, pirated or altered at any time, even when your computer is OFF! You can’t even get raw data off the disk unless you go to a licensed and certified service technician partnered with VPOS Technologies. The technician will have a software utility tool that can fix any issues concerning the data using VPOS Technology, but the technician themselves will not know how it works directly. They will simply be given the tools to fix any problem that arises. This software toolis NOT readable by any normal means, and cannot be hacked simply by the way it’s designed.
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VPOS Technologies will be seeking out billions of dollars to fund this major server field. It is the goal to relieve the pressure of software companies from constantly worrying about updating anti virus software and allow the companies to move forward with providing excellent functional programming tools and applications for daily uses without the worries of the security issues that have plagued the internet for years.


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