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Executive & Investigation Services

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VPOS Security Division will be incorporating all phases of security into the business model. Because of the very nature of VPOS Technology and the secrecy powers it possesses. The founder of the technology William E Bales has no choice but to integrate Executives & Investigation Services with all branches of legal and national authorities including but not limited to;

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Secondary authorities listed below will also be included but not limited to;

    • Credit card companies (Fraud)
    • Banks (Identity Theft)
    • Major retail chains (Fraud & Identity Theft)
    • Internet providers (Computer Hack Fingerprinting, Cyber Attack Fingerprinting)
    • Major software corporations (Microsoft, Apple and others)
    • Satellite telecommunication companies
    • Phone companies

During legal investigations from all these entities a court order will be necessary for secrecy evidence to be provided for legal authorities for the purposes of prosecution, legal defense, or licensed investigatives sources.

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