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VPOS Broadcasting Division

This division will be a dedicated 24 hours a days updating service where you will be able to find media events around the world. This media spectrum will start from major concerts from around the world and go all the way down to the local bands playing in your nearest pub. It will provide professional bios, profiles and uploaded media by the group members and more.

This will also be a great news source as VPOS Technologies will be producing a multiplex video stream for all categories listed in the media content. This will provide a wider broadband source video but without bottlenecking the lines. VPOS Technologies will also be introducing as part of the new operating system a new encryption process called (Incryption). Pronounced the same way only encrypts a totally different way than normal encryption. This technology process was founded by William E Bales during the development process of VPOS Technology. This new “Incryption” process is called, “Mackeyenc Pro.”

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This technology has the ability to take data and fold the information into a type of “Incrypted” process which will take up 88% less space and memory while executing the programs normal functions. This means for an example; we have found a way to put a page of information (or more) and “Incrypt” the data down to a file size
of a single character, send the character across the web.., and “Outcrypt” the data back to a single page of data, for processing at the end user.

By this process alone, Broadband will not be a problem with broadcasting streams of data such as videos and live broadcasts. This is a major achievement that will soon provide to the world proof that folding of data is possible, and can be integrated into the command structure of any operating system. More information on “Mackeyenc
Pro” will be released at the appropriate time.

This is the third division startup phase in VPOS Technologies multi-division business plan.

This will also be integrated with other divisions such as NFBAA Services, F.E.M.A support services as well
as our ITIS Network in our VPOS Security Division. This is also the backbone technology of the “Watch Me” Project for the hearing impaired.


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