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Malin Akerman

Is this Malin Ackerman? 

Malin if you are reading this. This is a totally private page that only you have a link too. I would like to know if this is you or not in this photo? I ran across it a few days ago and I couldn’t believe that it was you. If it isn’t, she is definitely your twin wow! I have tried to hunt down this Photo on the internet by searching all the places that I can come up with under your name. But with no luck. Please let me know if this is you.

I am not going to post this photo. I just want to know the truth. It’s driving me crazy. It looks like you.., and then it doesn’t.., and then it does…Aaaaaaghhh!! Please help me solve this dilemma. Thank you so much if you could answer this question.

You are such a beautiful woman and I just recently found your twitter and started following you. I promise I won’t bug you with a bunch of tweets. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day. @Williamebales on Twitter.

Is this you Malin Akerman?

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