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VPOS Technologies


Find a career with VPOS Technologies

Highlighted links mean; positions available and currently
accepting applications.

  • VPOS Security Division
    • Director
    • Deputy Director
    • Executive Security Specialist
    • Commissioned Officer
    • Non-Commissioned Officer
    • Dispatcher
    • Installation Technicians
    • Quality Control Specialist
    • Accounting & Payroll
    • Office Personnell
  • VPOS Software Division
  • VPOS Broadcasting
  • VPOS AIM Division
  • VPOS Sales Division
    • Careers
    • Independent Contracting
    • Sales Representatives
  • VPOS E.C.S.S.C (Educational & Technical  Support Service Center)
    • Training Supervisor
    • Technical Support
  • VPOS Technologies

This list will be updated as positions are filled. Any and all applicants that are interested in a career with VPOS Technologies, must register as a member of the Investors Cookie Jar to receive notices of upcoming events, such as employment fairs, locations of employment, positions available etc.. (Subscribe to the Investors Cookie Jar by entering your email  address in the  lower right side of the site and submit.)

VPOS Technologies is expecting to employ a minimum of 100-200 employees and contractors within the next 6 months as the development of VPOS Technologies moves forward. Do not send any resumes at this time. A special email address will be given for submitting resumes along with a downloadable copy of an application to VPOS Technologies when the time comes.

VPOS Technologies is currently building the online application web interface for the business site. VPOS Technologies

Specific hiring criteria will be asked, for all resume & application submissions. Please wait until you receive a notice thru the Investors Cookie Jar so that you can update your resume accordingly. This is why you need to be registered with the Investors Cookie Jar.


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