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“LightSpeed 1T™”Breaks the Binary Barrier!

“LightSpeed 1T™” is a new super coding binary process that breaks the data barrier of data transfer speeds. Initially designed to solve one of the largest internet problems it brings a brand new computer science learning curve. VPOS Technologies Corporation plans to offer this new technology service to all of the digital industries. It has been perceived as the most “disruptive technology” enhancement since Microsoft Corporation first released its Windows Operating System.

Created by design this technology takes the code of digitalization of an entire 720MB CD and converts it into what’s called the “Mackenyenc Pro™” process in which reduces the binary of the entire CD to a supercode binary which is then sent in a specialized proprietary distribution infrastructure to any place in the world in less than a few seconds. Using light speed as one of its defining strong points as the fastest known speed in our existence, it can not only move data through fiber optics lines at the speed of light but the size of the data that is being transmitted is now only the binary supercode size of a fraction of the entire CD. When we say fraction, we mean less than thousandth of it’s original data file size and sent across the world at the speed of light to more than 1 billion devices in just a few seconds. At this point an entire CD can be distributed regardless of format to the entire world at a fraction of what it would cost at today’s traditional data transfer speeds. And it gets better. The process is 100% totally compatible across all Operating Systems and is automatically encrypted by the process called, “Incryption™” which then secures the super coded data from being altered or hacked regardless of what you use to crack it. So much so that this level of “encryption” is so severe in encryption strength power by design of the code that you could take all the data servers and clouds in the world and put them together in deciphering strength and it would take over a trillion years to break the code. The encryption process uses over 72 levels of encryption processing techniques to “A, I or AI Incrypt” the data and is not accessible to anyone. The master codes of this “Incryption™” process is then recorded in a database vault for deciphering by the end user’s device, digital media data center or any digital industry today.

Data transfer speeds are no longer a problem and it now falls upon the digital component industries to process this extreme amount of data using “LightSpeed 1T™”. ~William E Bales

This is why VPOS Technologies Corporation is prepared to announce its first “Fiber Optic Motherboard” with a new “Quantum Binary™” CPU and RAM Memory design that our new OEM will be building to revolutionize the computer industries. Don’t worry the data storage and processing clouds will still be there but with the new technology the digital corporations will slowly begin to transition over to the new hardware design for their main spine of their operating data functions.

VPOS Technologies Corporation will be introducing the “LightSpeed 1T™” Technology as an amenity to its Stars of Hollywood Network ,Inc. subsidiary within the coming months for a powerful PR move and to show it’s subscribers just how fast it is. As it introduces the new international distribution infrastructure it will act as the world’s first synaptic AI.

LightSpeed 1T Twitter Cover-r

Watch how “LightSpeed 1T™” does away with fiber optic lines being buried around the world.

Coming up in our next public release.


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