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The NEW WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY by the Stars of Hollywood Network @OfficialSOHN

The NEW WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY by the Stars of Hollywood Network @OfficialSOHN

Hello this is an official casting call for ALL!!!

I am the Creator/CEO of the Stars of Hollywood Network which will soon be filing for broadcasting licenses internationally. Directors, Producers and Casting Directors will be needed for our network which will be producing multiple projects around the world. I am putting together one of the largest broadcasting projects that consists of all titled positions for the purpose of producing our own TV Series, Commercials and Theatrical movies. The new VPOS Broadcasting company will broadcast out of 3 separate facilities located in New York, Dallas-Texas and Los Angeles coming in the year 2015.

This agency is looking to employ all talents from big screen writers, authors, producers, directors, casting agents, production crews, camera and editing crews, actors of SAG-Aftra and NON-UNION of all legal ages.

We will be producing our own entertainment from within and broadcast through our own online internet network. Agency filing will be in January 2015, Agency location will be announced publicly, Our official website is planned to go public February 12th, 2015 .

“The Making of”

I will also be hiring agents to look for talent for this new Stars of Hollywood Network agency. Stars of Hollywood Network will be a worldwide talent agency and already has actors and actresses signing up from multiple countries. (Italy)- , (USA-CA) ,(USA-CA) , (USA-FL) , and more.

This is the first official public notice that is being released on Please send resumes with your most prominent title in the subject line along with your name to William E Bales -Agent, or Dana Q Perine -Actress, etc) along with ELECTRONIC Headshots.

I am looking to have a minimum of 6 full production crews ready to start work by July 1st, 2015.


Employment interviews are planned the beginning of March after our website goes public.

Buy in partnership opportunities are available. If interested you should contact me directly.

William E Bales @OfficialSOHN @Williamebales


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