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A Secret Revealed ;)

For all you Techies, IT Bravados and oh yeah Software and Hardware corporations. I thought I would test your minds today on a little secret about VPOS Technology. Let’s get right to the point shall we. 😉

It’s amazing how the FSB (Front Side Bus) can send the same data to more than one CPU but have the ability for one secondary CPU (Subconscious) to control the Primary (Conscious) data stream outcome for the purposes of data verification. Using the exact same data input for the primary CPU, the secondary CPU also receives the same data stream but has an entirely different set of commands in the cache 3 (As I call it) that oversees the outcome of the primary CPU. How is this possible you ask? Simple.

Example: Primary CPU receives the data command (Delete) I/O and so does the secondary. Only the secondary is made to understand and entirely new language (Incrypted not Encrypted) that understands the primary’s data stream and allows the same result as if the stream was an “allowed” action. But if the “Not allowed” action is present, then the secondary CPU would have the power to STOP the I/O data stream coming out of the primary CPU and report to the End User or administrator the reason it was stopped.

Ok so what does this all mean in english?

Let’s say someone is trying to hack the way into your network and has finally gotten your “normal” screen name and password. For the purposes of this example, I will say Bill for my screen name and DailyDouble for my password and for the purposes of this example, I was the intruder typing in “Bill” and password “DailyDouble”. Normally almost on all networks I would be allowed inside the network. Emails, business accounts and so on. But if you have VPOS Technology in place which would totally run secondary CPU and watch over primary CPU, the external intruder (myself) would not be allowed inside at all.

The secondary CPU is actually running both the normal Operating System as well as the secondary Operating System (VPOS) at the same time while running the same data stream.

“A little secret insight to what is coming…”

Data Stream: A = 1

Primary CPU says A=1         Secondary CPU says A=1 AND (if A = 1, then 1, else A = 0)

Now figure out how that is possible using the same date stream. 😉

~William E Bales


May 22, 2012 - Posted by | Public Announcements

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