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VPOS Technologies announces a new software Operating System

A new operating system is needed to control the security abilities of internet traffic. As security flaws are uncovered only after a breach, programmers are constantly updating software to stop hackers and thieves from breaching and destroying websites, corporate databases, government offices, as well as public and private computer systems. Everything from viruses to hackers  to terrorists are constantly attacking us from all over the globe. Individual software companies haven’t come up with a solution to this problem because of keeping control of their own software intellectual rights. Each software company rewrites and updates their software to meet the needs of their programs in order for them to work properly and securely. But here is the problem. First,  software companies don’t want to give up their security programming secrets for fear of another company taking advantage of the other. Second, people who leave one company to go work for another could take that knowledge with them and then have the potential to harm others with the knowledge they have brought with them. Until now…

This new operating system has security abilities like no other. This new operating system has the ability to identify authorized account profiles to update or change their normal programming access between two different company’s software. Once a person leaves the company, they are an authorized employee of the company today and they will write a software program for another company tomorrow. Since they will be working for someone else, their security identity will change amongst their programming access between software applications and programs. They can continue working like normal. The only difference in this scenario is that you are assigned a new PIAK (Programmer Identifier Acess Key) that cannot be changed, altered, copied or pirated. It’s like this; Company A gives you a PIAK-key to enter each room-(registered software project) you need to enter during your normal business day. Only every time you enter and leave, it identifies the programmer by that key. When you leave that company and begin working with someone else, your key is then revoked from one company and assigned a new key at the new company. So now you can continue working at the new company with the same security abilities as what you had before, only that this time because you know certain information (example: Passwords), normally you would be able to hack or write your way into another companies software program, website, or computers to gain access to write or execute a program, or to do potential harm to the networks or computer software. This system will stop that entirely.

This new operating system is revolutionary ground breaking technology that will soon prove that a real “virus proof, hacker proof and pirating proof” system will exist. The implications of this operating system must not be taken lightly. Because of the ramifications of this new operating system such as an obsolete programs that will no longer be needed; a planned offer of employment will go out to those major companies that produces a soon to be “obsolete software program”  that are effected the most. Why is this offer being offered you ask. Because after the top CEO’s of these companies sees the potential of this new operating system, they will see how this will change the future of all programming and executable access controls.

This new operating system is not meant to replace any normal operating system. It was made for the purpose of enhancing the security of all other operating systems and programs with the protection it was designed for.”~William E Bales

However the new operating system will work and function at the same time another operating system is working in memory. VPOS Technologies will be producing new software programs and applications to run on this system, but will be mostly geared towards the security access, networking and computer attack fingerprint based industries.

Because of its’ very nature of what it is as an operating system and how it works, the use expectancy of this system as far as world coverage will go around the world 90-95% within 30 days when released. I server field of great magnitude will be needed for all the downloads. This operating system will be a subscription based access for public use, but the operating system versions will be sold and owned by major companies themselves. Once bought, each individual company will have the ability to provide their network clients and network users the security that everyone wants with their own registered versions. Each company will be able to deploy this operating system throughout their networks without licensing costs as long as each version is registered with the VPOS database. The idea of this is to provide a package to major companies for private purchasing of their own version so that they can deploy it as a subscription security package at a relativity low-cost of their choosing. Public and home use versions will be downloadable at a cost and will be on a subscription base access only.

It is the founder’s intentions of this new operating system to be distributed around the world for the purposes of providing a new security standard in internet information and programmability access control for the sole purpose of improving todays substandard security internet systems, and to push forward our scientific knowledge path of our future. By releasing this new operating system, VPOS Technologies will undoubtedly take on the huge responsibilities of literally taking every major company in the world under its wing with support services. Such services must include and will not be limited to; education of the new operating system, client support services, technical support for both public and commercial uses, government and local authorities and even military version support.

This is a new beginning of an era that will push forward the brain power of solving major problems in medicine, robotics, and will pave the way to faster paced productivity regarding software processing needs. This is only the first step being announced concerning this operating system and things to come. Major achievements have been made with the program process of this system. So much so that other programs will be produced to run off of the new operating system relatively quickly. These are also major advances in technology that will include, AI self-awareness programming, parallel thought programming and absolute security protocols. Other programs available will be announced at a later time that is appropriate. Details…

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This is a public announcement from the founder of this new technology. Any and all media has my full authorization to publish this article whether in part or in whole, as they see fit as long as the original text of this content stays intact without editing the content’s meaning. Founder will not hold any media responsible for any outcome regarding this public announcement being published by the founder digitally signed hereafter. Sincerely, William E Bales March 03/2011


March 4, 2011 - Posted by | Public Announcements

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